Plan convince Sav she can love!

I gather all the girls together except for Sav and of corse Spark has to come along cause I literally depend on him to walk when I'm stuck to his side. "Right" I shout forcing myself of Sparks side but crying a bit as I do it.

"We need to conduct a plan" I shout punching my fist in the air. Everyone beside Sparks looks at me confused.

"She want's to convince Sav that a boy can love her and she can love a boy" Spark says.

"I don't get how you two go together you know? He's so calm and she's the most emotional changing person in the world" Millie says confused.

"I think that's why they get on" Lillie mutters.

"Anyway" I say inturpting them. "This is plan try find Sav's soulmate"

"What! You can't be serious" Filla says shocked. "You and me are lucky we found our soulmates on luck even though I depise mine"

"I don't get that either" Millie mutters. "How can he be your soulmate if you hate him?"

"You can hate someone if their your soul mates" Sparks explains. "Me and Olli are lucky"

"Anyway, you don't have a chance finding you telepathic soulmate is way rare" Filla says shaking her head.

"Uh, uh cause I already know who it is" I say knodding.

"Who?" The twins ask at the same time.

"Uh.... well that's the complicated part its Shadow" I say nervous. They all gawk at me and I know why. It's gonna be real hard to get Shadow the telepathic loner nearly-every-girl-fancies guy to co-operate in this. Especially since his power is illusions.

The End

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