I don't believe in love.

Soulmate? What is she on about?

"Yeah, soulmates!" she smiled. I arched an eyebrow.

"Telepathic soulmates?" I echo doubtfully.

"Yes, telepathic soulmates."She said starting to look  irritated.

"Yeah. Well, I dont believe in love. Sorry to have kept you."I said flatly. And went to walkback into the classroom. But she grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"What do you mean,you don't believe in love?!"She asked irecudiously.

"Well, since I've had so little of it all my life, why should I?" I pointed out. She thought about this.

"Well, what if I said. Love did happen. And it could happen to you?"She asked eagerly.

"I'd say; 'it wont, becasuse it just doesn't happen to a girl like me.'"I relpied. "And it's not like I've ever had a boyfriends before? is it?" Olli's jaw went slack.

"Y-y-you mean, you've NEVER had a boyfriend?" She cried.

"Nope. And I'm glad."I said in a cold voice.

"But, your like. pretty. and clever!"She exclaimed. I smiled bitterly.

"No, mainly because I was the school freak." I said sadly.

"Well, your not called a freak here! So give it a shot. Not ALL boys are stupid reckless idiots!"She grinned. I shook my  head.

"No. I don't want to, Olli, I can't." Icried. "No boy would ever go out with me! I can't go out with someone whose mind I can read! What if he wanted to break up with me, or was cheating on me? I'd know! Girls aren't supposed to know what boys are doing behind their backs! I mean, you know Spark wont cheat on you because your so in love. But me? Not so much!" She just stood there looking slighty upset.

"Youe wrong." She said gently, putting  a hand on my arm. "Love does exsist. And you'll find it one day." And with that she went off , back to Sparks' side.

But she was wrong. It wouldn't. Becasue love doesn't exsist. Not for me.

The End

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