How come so young?

I cry as Sav has to pull me away from Spark he watches messing with hair while smiling nervously. I love that smile. Sav drags me to the room and I plop to the floor.

"What's up? And how dare you do that!" I start of calm before becoming angry. It's me and I can't help it.

"I wanted to ask you about your engagement. Why so young?" Sav asks siting down on the floor in front of me.

"Well.... we were actually engaged at birth" I say laughing. Sh gawks at me completely shocked.

"What... but... why?" She says seeming like she can't get a proper scentence out.

"Well, my mother is a world known buisness women and his father founded thousands of schools. So it was just arrange" I say shrugging. I don't seem to understand how she finds this so shocking. "Filla has an arranged marriage as well"

"Filla too" Sav gasps. I nod.

"They don't get on as well as me and Spark you'll see why in the next class" I say starting to get moody.

"Can I go back to Sparks now?" I mutter.

"One sec... you had an arranged marriage but you seem to go together like bread and butter how so?"

"All telepathic has a soulmate luckily Sparks was mine" I say shrugging.

"Soulmate?" Sav says confused.

The End

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