"Spark!" Olli shouted, and she practicly fung herself into the boy who is obviously Spark.

"Love birds."The twins mutter in perfect union. They yelp as she makes their heads hit together by 'the power of mind'.

"Spark, Sav. Sav, Spark."She said beaming as she introdused us.

"Hiya."I greeted him. Lifting my hand gently to wave.

"Isn't he cute?" She grinned. Spinning him around. He let out a shaky laugh. And everyone else laughed too. They looked like they were superglued together as she pressed herself against him.

"And they will stay like that for the rest of the day."Filla said boredly. As if she'd seen it so many times before.

Spark waled casually around, with Olli suckerfished to his side, in a nice way  though. I saw into his mind. He loved her. But he could walk around with her casually, without the temptation of kissing her!

"This is her reason for getting to class early."Exlained Lillie to me. We walked to the back of the classroom and sat down on the back row of seats.

"They never leave eachothers sudes unless the have to."Millie finished for her.

"Well, what do you expect? They've been dating for seven years!"Exclaimed Filla

"seven years?" I echoed. Millie and Lillie nodded. Their eyes shining.

"Not only that...."Lillie started.

"....They have arranged a marrige!"

"WHAT?!"I yell. "I thought that was iligal!!! To marry under the age of 16!" I was totally confused! Sooooo confused. Was that even legal? I mean. Not that anyone would find out. It's the middle of nowhere afterall!

"No, they are engaged not married! It's legal to be engaged."Filla pointed out.

"Well, yeah. but. they are so young!" I cried.

"Yeah; thanks Sav,  we don't even get a congratulations?" Olli said, mockly offended.

"Congrats." I murmered. Not thinking what I was saying. I probed her mind. Trying to figure out why she would do something so reckless, so young. But nothing. She loved him to little bits and bobs! I was worried about her. What if her broke her heart? She'd cry endlessly. I hoed it would turn out well for them anyway. They seemed to love eachother. But DID they really? I hoped they did. Because it would  all end in tears if they don't.




The End

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