Engagement at 15

"Spark" I shout throwing myself at him as we enter. He truns and catches me just in time but has to step back from the force.

"Love birds" The twins call behind me. Then I hear then yelp as I make their heads hit together.  I pull back a bit and Spark kisses my lightly on the forhead. I take his hand and turn to face my room mates.

"Spark, Sav. Sav, Sparks" I say introducing her.

"Hiya" Sav says waving slightly.

"Isn't he cute" I say twirling him round in a circle. I hear his nervous laughter and everyone starts laughing as well. I press myself to his side wrapping my arms round him and feel his arm on my shoulder.

"She stays like that for the rest of the day" Filla explains to Sav and I just smile when she looks at me shocked. Spark walks casually and I know Sav finding it hard to understand how he can do it so easily.

"This is her reason for getting to class early" Lillie explains. We all take the seats at the back. "They never leave each others side unless they have to" Millie says.

"What would you expect they've been dating for 7 years" Filla says getting out a book.

"7 years" Sav says shocked. I nod happily and look up at Sparks.

"Not only that" Lillie says.

"They have and arranged marriage" Millie says.

"What??" Sav shouts.

The End

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