First Day


I checked my watch, it was 11;00 pm. I really wasn't tired though!I felt like I had to jump around with joy; becasue I actually had some friends! Friends who don't spread roumers about me! Friends. Just thinking the word sent happiness shooting through my viens!

Then I remembered what Olli had said ;we can't use our powers for personal use.

Oh dear. I can't stop my power. I just see into their minds without thinking!

"Olli."I whispered turning over to face her; a bit lump od duvet.

"hmmmm?"she grumbled.

"You know when you said you could only use powers when we are told to?" I said in a hushed voice.


"But I can't conroll my power. I can just see all the time, it never stops. Sometimes it's can't think for my self! I listen--or try not to-- to other people thoughts so much, I never think for myself. Like now for instance. Youu thinking 'Why isnt she asleep?' and you thinking that is making ME want to go to sleep." I gushed. I've never told anyone that before.

"Sav. If there is one thing you have to understand. It's controlling it. In the  'science lessons' we get to experiment on our powers, of course the twins to it on lad rats. but you also learn how to controll it. So now would you PLEASE go to sleep?"She said groggily. Then she fell asleep, so concentrating on her mind, I fell asleep too.

"Wake up! Savanna! It's breakast!!!" Filla was towering over me and bellowing.

"Huh?"I mumble. So this was all real after all? I DID come to Stay Connected School!!! I leapt up from my bed. They all laughed at me. Not mean laughing they found it funny. I laughed with them. "Come on then. Do we get dressed, or go down in our pj's?"

"We get dressed, grab some toast and go to period one."Lillie informed me.

"Them period two, then break, then period three, then lunch, then period four and five then we can do whatever the hell we want!"Millie finished for her, grinning.

"'kay." I mutter. I needed to find something cool, normal, which I could wear for my first day...hmmm...

I ended up wearing a black over the knee, wooly skirt with winter patterned socks, A light blue blouse and my fave black shingy mary-jane shoes.

We sauntered down to the breakfast hall, which was full of chatting students. We snagged and empty table and got some toast from the toast rack, oh yes, a toast rack!

"I need to finish my english home work."Said Filla pulling a face.

"Whats your time table, Savanna?"Lillie asked. I picked it up and read it out to them.

"First period; Science. Second period English. Third period, history. Fourth period drama. Fith period, games."I looked around to see if any of them would have the same timetable as me. Aparently they did.

They all did.

"Come on. Lets get to science beforeeveryone else so we can mess about a bit in the lab before hand."Millie suggested. My eyes widened in shock.

"M-m-mess about?"I stuttered. The all grinned at me.

"No, don't worry, the teachers there! We just get to use our powers for longer if we go first!"Said Lillie,gleefully.

"Okay...."I said. And we set off for our first lesson.


The End

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