"Filla" I groan. "The twins stole my notes"

"Just ignore them. They'll give them back eventually" Filla says her eyes giving that hint of that she seen it. I sigh and notice the new girl watching us. I run up to her and plop myself on my bed which his next to hers.

"Soooo" I say looking around at everyone. "Lets talk boys" I shout punching the air. Then everyone but Savanna burst out laughing.

"I want to go out with Jeromy" Lillie sighs coming over to sit next to me.

"I want Kyle" Millie says sitting down the other side.

"Filla?" I ask. "Any prodictions?"

"Using powers for personal use is forbidden" She murmurs looking up from a book she's reading.

"Really?" Savanna asks shocked.

"Yeah.. No controlling"  I murmur

"No paralyzing" The twins groan.

"And no putting my nose in other peoples buisness" Filla says.

"Unless asked" I finish. "Or of corse when we're in class"

"That doesn't stop Spark" Lillie mutters.

"Spark can do what he want's and it's so not fair" Millie groans.

"Wait... are you saying I'm not allowed to use my telepathy" Savanna asks shocked.

"Yeh" I mutter.

"But why can this Spark do it?"

"He's the headteacher son but" Lillie begins.

"don't mention the fact around Olli" Millie says

"They're a couple" They finish it together and I feel my face go bright red.

"What does he do?" Savanna asks. I shake away my embarassment and answer.

"He can hack electrionic divises with his mind" I tell her. "Oh and using you powers in defence are aloud"

I force the twins to the floor and tilt my head smiling at Savanna.

The End

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