New Friends

As I walk into the school a pretty girl with a brown pixie cut came bounding up to me, she has big, bright blue eyes.

"Hello!" She said enthusiasticly, "I'm Olli. Welcome to Stay Connected!" She looked as if she was gonna burst with excitement. I arched an eye brow, probing her mind to see if she was just gonna end up making fun of me. She seemed clear. I worked up a smile.

"Hello, I'm  Savanna." I say politely.

"OHMIGOD!"She gushed, "you can read minds!!! I can control people, like hynosis. Your gonna have soooo much fun here!" She beamed at me after her little out burst. I found this quite amusing, not letting it show in case I hurt her feelings.

"OK. Which form are you in?" I asked her. I was curious. I hoped I was in her form. She seemed nice, and so did the people in her dorm.

"Oh were in Form Roux. It's the coolest form in my opinion. I hope you can join OUR form!!!" She grinned.

"Okay. Where do I go? I mean, my Mum just stranded me here without so much as a goodbye!" I said bitterly. And I couldn't help pulling a face.

"You don't like you Mum that much by the sound of it." She laughed. It sounded like twikling bells! "She your step Mum?"

"No, my birth mother. But we hate eachother." I said a matter of factly.

"Oh." Her face fell then she smiled again. "You'll be away from her here! You'll love eveyone! They are all so nice!!"

"Okay, if you say so. Shall I like check in at the office then? Or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll show you the way." And she took my arm and we set off down the corridoor.

On the way she told me about the school, the powers everyone had, the teachers, the sudents, infact, she just about covered everything! It wasn't like a babble, where you just sorta ignore them and nod and go ;"Ahhh" and "hmmm". I was genuinly interested. And finally, we got to the office.

"Hi miss! This is the new girl! Savanna!"She said to the lady at the table.

"OH, hello dear! Welcome to Stay Connected!" She beamed at me.

"Thanks! So...which house/form am I in?"I asked curiously.

"Oh, its all your choice hon!Which form do you WANT to be in?"She asked me, peering over her horned rimmed glasses.

"Ummm. Form Roux!"I declaired. Olli grinned at me.

"House Roux it is then!" She exclaimed. Ruffling through some papers. "Here is your time table, planner, school map, ect, ect! Have a good day. And you'll find your bags are already in Ollivipet's dorm. We have a future predicting caretaker!"she winkeda t me and I actually giggled, for the first time scince I was 3, I giggled. And thats how I knew this was the best thing that had ever happened to me!

Olli and I walked up to the door, she pushed it open, and I saw my new roomates. There were twins on the floor playing with a hamster. And there was a girl with long blonde hair exactly the same shade as mine; honey blonde. Except mine has a few ginger streaks in it.

"Hey guys!" She said casually.

"Hi!"The twins said at exactly the same time. Then they both fell into a fit of giggles. And they weren't laughing at me! They werelaughing at each other!

"Hello." Said the blonde girl. "I'm Filla!" I noticed her eyes were a flaming orange colour! wow!

"Savanna--"She started. But I cut her off with a finger.

"Please. Call me Sav."

"Sav, then, this is Filla, our future girl! And those are the twins, Lillie and Millie. They can paralise you body and mind, Lillie does the mind bit and Millie does the body bit."She laughed her twinkly laugh as she saw my wide eyes."But they are forbidden to use it on ANY students!"

This made me feel better.

"Thats you bed there."Said Lillie. She had green eyes just like me. Except mine were electric green. which stood out against my pale skin.

She pointed to the bed in the middle of the room.

"Thanks."It was already made for me, it had a spotty purple and back duvet. I sat down on the bed. Later that night, while I was unpacking. I smiled to myself. Because I knew things would go well here, I just knew they would!

The End

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