Hiya, my names Ollivipet

A girl walked into the school. I could feel her mind once she entered and jumped up.

"A new girl" I shout. My three room mates scream then quickly settle down.

"Wow, Olli. Don't scare us like that?" Filla says angry glaring a me with her orange flame eyes messing with her long blond hair. I smile and mess with my short light brown pixie hair cut.

Filla can see the future. That's her telepathic talent and I find it so funny when I scare her. Me I have hypnosis allowing me to control someone while seeing into their minds.

Then their are the twins. Lillie and Millie. They both have long back hair but their eyes are different telling them apart. Lillie's are green while Millies are blue. They have the power together to paralyze your body and mind. Lillie does the mind, Millie the body.

"I'm sorry for scaring you lot" I say. My eyes are glacier blue and I've already told you about my hair. "I'll go and fetch her" I say standing up, I make my way out of our dorm. I can't wait to find out her name and what she does.

Cause then our dorm will be complete ready for the start of the first term. Oh how exciting?

The End

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