I go to get my PE kit. I feel sorry for whoever isn't on Olli's team. And for whoever is on my team. I'm rubbish at basketball. As I walk to across the garden to the rooms, someone grabs me.

"Hello Destiny. How are you today?" this blonde says. Her hair is so blonde, I swear it would blind people. Her nails are digging into my arm.

"Get off me" I say.

"No. Tell me, do you like Alex?"

"Let me go"

"Do you?"

"He's a friend. Let me go!" I struggle to get free.

"Where are you going?"

"To get my PE kit. Let me go!"

"Well, here's a short cut." she pushes me into a group of girls, and then she runs off. The girls push me to the ground. They kick me and hit me and pull my hair. It hurts so much and I swear one of them has the power to cause pain. It hurts so much I can't even think. Then I hear people running. And then Olli comes and lunges at one of the girls. Then Sav comes to me, but she crumples. She's obviously feeling the pain that's contaminating my mind.Then Miss Evil Blonde comes.

"Oh o!" she shrieks "She was my best friend!" she lies, looking at Alex who had come just before her. What!?!? I hardly know the girl! I don't even know her name! Sav hisses for her to go away. Alex is confused. 

"Why?" he asks.

"Because Kerrie told those girls to do this for her" Kerrie, that's her name. "So she could get you when in real life, you're Destiny's soulmate, no matter what your power is! Kerrie is a bully!" too right. Wait, soulmate? Kerrie and Sav then start fighting. Sav is about to be strangled when the Head comes. She storms at Kerrie and tells her to get off. Kerrie's scared silly. She says it's Sav's fault. Olli tells the truth and Miss believes her. Kerrie is sent to the her office. Wait, the Head is Olli's mum? Sav is taken to the hospital wing. Me and Alex are left alone.

"Are you OK?" he asks, sounding worried. I shut my eyes and take a deep breath. I feel like I've been stampeded. Which I have, basically.

"Not really" I gasp. Alex holds out his hand and I take it. He pulls me up carefully. It hurts to move. Alex sit me on a bench. He looks into my eyes. 

You love him

I do? 

You do

I can live with that. Alex blinks, he must have heard the voice too.

"Savanna says we're soulmates" he says.

You love him. The voice backs him up.

"We are" I whisper. And he hugs me. And I hug him back.

The End

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