Sav: Team Olli, Sav, Millie, Lillie, Thunder, Shadow, Spark, Faith, Jill, Jay, Hatch and NOT KERRIE! Where's Dessy?


Olli and I are the fastest runners in PE, so we hurried to the scence, Dessy was being kicked to the ground by a group of girls, Olli screamed and lunged at the nearest one, I hurried over to Dessy, who was panting loudly and moaning looked up at me with big, watery eyes, I've never seen Destiny cry before, it was awful, I felt her pain and flopped on the floor too, I flet everyones emotions.

"I'm on emotion overload over here."I muttered, pointing a finger at the top of my head, Alex rushed over, followed closely by Kerrie.

"Oh no!"She cried, "she was my best friend!"She lied to Alex.

"Go away Kerrie!"I hissed, Alex looked shocked.

"Why?"He asked, dumbfounded.

"Because Kerrie told those girls to do this for her," I was fighting the urge to slap Kerrie, "so she could get you, when in real life, your Destiny's soulmate, notmatter what your power is! Kerrie is a bully!"

"You liar! You stole Thunder from me! Your a supid boy-snatching girl!"Screeched Kerrie, she lunged at me and we rolled onto the floor and had a fight, everyone else had stopped to watch, we were punching and slapping, nutting and kicning, Kerrie had me pinned to the ground and her hand was at me thraot.

"HOW DARE YOU! GET OFF SAVANNA NOW!"A loud voice boomed, the head misstress, I looked up and flopped to the floor again, moaning.

Kerrie got up, looking scared.

"Honestly, Miss, it was Savanna's fault! She had me pinned so I flipped over... It was self de--"She was cut off by none other thaan... Olli!

"Mum, thats not true, Sav was telling Alex and Destiny that they were soulmates, so Kerrie started beating her up!"Olli cried.

"Okay, Kerrie, my office, Olli, take Savanna here to the hospital wing please!"She said sternly.

"She's yuor mother?"Spluttered Lillie and Millie at the same time.

Olli and Thunder and Spark carried my battered body to the hospital wing, where I was laied down to rest.

"Sometimes, just sometimes, I really hate being your mini me!"I grumbled at Olli, she laughed and sat next to my bed.

"Hehe! You'll be right as rain in the moring, I'll grab Coco."Smiled Olli.

"Olli-- don't! I think we've made enough truble today to last a century!"Said Spark, holding her back, she glared at him, but did as she was told.

I fell asleep grumbling about alien abductions.

The End

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