Olli: P.E

"P.E" I sing and everyone groans except Spark whose shaking his head. Alex comes over.

"Whats bad about P.E?" he asks.

"Her" Everyone shouts pointing at me. I smile then start doing back flips until Spark plucks me from the air by the back of my t-shirt.

"Olli" he says sternly. I fold my arms and pout.

Everyone laughs. "Oh, we have baseball today" I say.

"Sorry to Sav, Spark and Dess" Filla says.

"Oh, but I want to be in the same team as Sparks" I mumble unhappy.

"Sorry Olli" Filla says shrugging.

"Great we're gonna lose" Sav mutters.

"How so?" Alex asks.

"Her" Everyone says in unison pointing at me.

"She can't be that good" Alex says.

"Of course she can" We all turn to see Kerrie Louser walking up. "Hi, I'm Kerrie"

Alex takes her hand in a shake but stays among our crowd.


"I know" Kerrie says flicking back her hair. "I just wanted to welcom you to Stay Connected and if you need any.... proffessional help come to me"

"I thought you quit the school coucil when Olli became the head of it" Spark says.

Everyone turns to look at me gawking.

"You never stop to amaze me" Sav says shaking her head. "And I'm a mind reader"

"Oh!" I shout shocking Spark so he lets go of the back of my t-shirt. "Shh"

Everyone goes quiet. "I don't-" Alex's voice is cut off.

"Olli to the rescue" I shout and run off.

"Olli" Everyone shouts.

"What is it Sav?" someone shouts as a few of them follow me.

"A girl's getting beat up" Sav says.

The End

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