Power Testing


Hey everyone! Raise your hand if you can hear me. I think. Everyone except Faith raises their hand. Hehe. She probably knows I told everyone to do it. That's the best I can do for testing my power. Sav would've heard me anyway. I wander if it sounds different when I'm using my power to when I'm just thinking...

"It does, slightly. I dunno... it just seems different when you're using your power" she says. 

"Oh. OK. I wander how that works..."

"Same" she says. I decide to test my power more. Let's see... I know I can send thought to one person in a room, and I can send thoughts to everyone. I wander what would happen if I just sent a thought, just into the air... Say 'hey' if you hear this. I think randomly. A few people answer. OK, so it just sends it to random people. If I just focus on sending it to one person, but not knowing who it is. Look over if you hear. I look around the room, no-one on my table heard. No-one on the table next to us, no-one on the table on the other side... maybe nobody heard at all. Then I look on the table opposite us. Alex is looking right at me. He smiles again. I blink a few time and then smile back. I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks so I look down at the table. I have got to be more careful with who I think to. Sav grins at me. 

"Very funny" I say sarcastically. She just laughs. I wander if I can make my thoughts sound different. I try to make it echo Testing, testing 123!

"That sounded like you were talking into a microphone" Millie says

"Yeah. It echoed all over the place" Lillie agrees. I smile. I wander what else I can do...

The End

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