Oh. My. Gosh!


OK. I don't care that he's mega fit, and I don't care that hos power is alluring, and I don't care that he's new. What I do care about is the fact that I have more chance of getting away with drooling over him than any of my friends! Hehe! I walk to science with these friends and sit in my place before the bell goes. I'm basically the newest person here so no-one sits next to me. I'm sending random thoughts to people when he walks in. He walks up to the teacher and she gives him a book and tells him briefly what kinda stuff we do in this lesson. Then there's a pause as Miss looks around the class for somewhere for him to sit. I hear Sav gasp. 

What? I think to her. She deliberately drops her pencil and when everyone turns to look what happened, she raises her eyebrows at me as if I'm missing something very obvious. It's then that the chair next to me scrapes back and the new guy sits in it. All the girls stare for a second and then look away very quickly. I quickly start doodling on my hand. Miss then starts telling us what we're doing today. Testing our powers. I'm not surprised really. We very rarely have a normal science lesson.

"Hi, I'm Alex" the new boy says. I look up at him. Big mistake. He locks my gaze and smiles dazzlingly. I blink a few times.

"Hi, I'm Destiny" I say.

"Destiny... that's a nice name" he compliments me. I feel myself blush.

"Thanks" I say. And then Miss announces that we should get into groups around the  tables. I go to the usual table with the usual group of friends. When I get there, all the girls have wide eyes.

"Oh. My. Gosh!" they all exclaim at the same time.

The End

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