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Millie, Lillie, Faith, Jill, Dessy and I were practically drooling as we watched Alex, the new boy walk away from us.

"I want him."Sighed Dessy.

"Me too."Moaned Lillie.

"Me three."Giggled Millie, gazing longingly at Alex's departing backside, which, mignt I add, was every bit as good looking as his front! I snap out of my trance like attitude and looked around.

"Guys..."I say, frowning, why are they all being like this? "GUYS!"

They all look at me, awake now.

"What?"Lillie and Millie said in union.

"That Alex guy, well guess what his power is?"I say.

"Um....Looking so damn fine?"Said Faith cheekily.

"Yep. His power is alluring!"I smile.

"Wow!" Sighed Millie, "I wish I had that power!"

"Ha-ha, well, he's a bit of a player too, so I bet loads of girls will be left in a trail of brokenheart-ed-ness behind him!"I laughed.

"Brokenheart-ed-ness?"Echoed Dessy doubtfuly.

"Yeah."I reply.

"Is that even a word?"Asked Millie.

"Nope, I just made it up now."I smiled.

"Okay... Your weird."Frowned Faith.

"Say's the girl who sleeps with her eyes open!"I said, pretending to hot her arm, she blushes.

"That's so I can look out for danger!"She stammered.

"Yeah. I'd like danger more if it looked like Alex...."Said Lillie dreamily.

"God, your all so.... so.... so.... boy obsessed!" I said, shaking my head, my blonde hair, had now grown past my elbow!!!!

"Um. This is coming from the girl who was in a soul-split?"Laughed Millie. I felt the colour rush to my pallid cheeks.

"Uh.... HARRY POTTER!"I yell, pointing at the door.

Everyone turns around.

"Hahahaaa! Got you! Got you!"I cackle. They all turn around to glare at me. I press my lips together, suppressing a smile.

"Time for class!"I mutter, running to science. I came to a halt when someone grabbed me around the waist and held me up into the air.


"Hello stranger!"I greet him, when he put me down. I wraped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his chest.

"Hey, sorry, I was ill."

"Well get well soon."I say lazily.

"Huh? Haha! Your in a strange mood today, Sav! I AM better now!"

"Yeah, whaterever!"I grin and tow him along to science.

The End

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