Olli: Pulling

I walk to the canteen with Sav at my side. I run and tackle Spark's everyone laughing. I snuggle into him 'hmm'ing happily.

"Hey Hun" he says tilting up my chin and kissing me. Okay and it last longer than it should.

Sav pulls me back. "Pulling" she says laughing. "You two really do need to find restraints"

I grumble unhappily then jump. "New Person" I shout jumping on to the table.

"Olli!" Everyone chorus's annoyed before they all start laughing and shaking there heads.

"Everyone seems to know you" a voice says.

"Ah" I tumble and Spark catches me. I turn to see its the boy from earlier. "Double Ah"

Sav laughs shaking her head as I crawl under Spark then jump up onto his back.

"She's like a little monkey" The boy says gesturing me.

"Hi, I'm Spark"

"Alex" he says taking Sparks had in a firm grip. "And who are you I might ask?"

He has that interested look in his eye. "Ollivipet but everyone calls me Olli...... Spark I want to go" I moan.

"What lesson?"

"Science" I say pointing towards the room.

"I have that next" Alex says. I deflat and hear Sav trying to hold back her laughter. I turn on her and glare.

I turn back to Spark and whisper in his ear. "Can we skip?" I ask.

"What do you have in mind?" he asks turning his head to look at me. I smile michevously and Sav pretends to be sick as she read both our minds.

"Please get out of this room before I truely am sick" She says.

"Okay, Spark's?" I say happily.

"See you two later" he says walking off. "You really are cheeky you know that?" he whispers.

We get to an empty room in our dorm area I vault his head and turn to him. "Of course I do" I whisper leaning up on my tiptoes to kiss him and wrapping my arms round his neck

The End

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