I think about Thunder in history class..... how his face lit up whenever he saw me, how he turned slightly pink when I said 'I love you'.

"MISS HOPE!"Shouted Mr Katebe.

"What?" I yelled back, a few people sniggered, I was used to this, I usually yelled at teachers.

"When, Miss Hope, will you ever pay attention?" He said exsaperately, "I said; Who were the founders of Rome?"


"It's Romulas and Remus."Olli hissed at me, Olli sit's next to me in most lessons.

"Uh.... Oh I know!"I said brightly, "It's Romulas and Remus!"

"Well done, but Olli, you didn't have to help her."He said, raising a eyebrow, a few girls sighed.

In the girls who dont have soulmates eye's, Mr Katebe is hot. In my eye's he is utterly repulsive, married and has three kids!


The break bell rang, I ran outside, and nearly bumped headlong into the most georgious boy I have ever seen! I stared at him, he looked right past me, at Olli. Olli looked horrified and sprinted away, I ran after her and threw a glare over my shoulder for the new boy.

"NONONONONONONONONONOOOOO!"She wailed, as we sat down on the bench.

"Wazzup?"I murmered.

"He. Is. So. Fit!"She blubbered.

"And this is something to cry about why? Olli, some guys are hot, get over it!"

"GET OVER IT? GET OVER IT?" Shriek Olli.

"Calm down!"I yelled.

"I haven't found one guy hot after I met Spark!"

"Your lying."




"ARE!"I bellowed, then hushed my tone, "you've found loads of guys good looking, Oh I know! Like the gut from the cafe in Town!"

"Stop looking into my head please?!"She said, holding her hands up, "okay, it's just, oh never mind, I'm a bit of a drama queen, okay?" She blushed slightly, then got up.

"Let's go. There is no point in keeping secrets from you. Anyway, he was just horrific on the inside I'm sure!"She cackled, with a sly smile, "YOU should know."

"Oh, he's a ladies man alright, Jo McReedy will be all over him by Saturday!"I giggled.

And we set off to get some snack.

The End

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