Still Bored, and Fed Up with Life


Great. I mean, it is great! It really, really is! Just not for me. Of coarse, I am happy for Faith and Shadow. It's the best thing that could ever happen to them! But I'm the only one who doesn't have a soulmate now. Actually... I don't think Jill has, but she's not here. Anyway, my point is, everyone around me now has a soulmate and I don't. It makes me wander if Matt and Izz have powers they don't know about and are soulmates too. I lie there on my bed. Still bored, and now fed up with life. I  can't even hear the music from my iPod any more because I'm bored of listening to it. I roll off my bed and get my book out. Damn. It's the love story that my mum searched for, because she thought that since I had powers I should read about them. It's a love story. About soulmates. I throw it on the floor. Ugh.That's it. I stomp out of the room in search of something else to do.

The End

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