Soulmate, finally


I stumble as Sav push me gently towards Shadow, he catches me in his arms steadily. I look up, my cheeks already burning, and see his eyes shine. Smiling, he lifts me into his arms, one arm under my knees and the other supporting my back. I put my arm around his neck as Sav bounces away.

"Shadow?" The girl with Shadow earlier comes out from behind a pillar. "She's gone now, that horrible girl." She screeches, "Shadow? What are you doing holding that girl?" I grin at her, a trail of eyeliner down her face, she is that scared of Sav? My hair blows around crazily, but who cares anymore? I peck Shadow on the cheek as he takes me indoors.

He knows now.

No more being alone.

No more vowel howling.

"Must remember to thank Sav," Shadow mutters.

The End

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