Olli: No......... WAY!

Sav came in and told us the news. "No......" I whisper, Everyone turns to me while Filla gesture to Frances to cover his ears. "WAY!" I shout.

"Olli!" They all yell at the same time. I jump at Sav.

"My little recruit" I say happily.

"Olli..... uh..... can you get off me this is creepy?" Sav mutters. I let go and Spark picks me up putting me on his shoulders.

"To the Libary" I say pointin towards the door.

"Uh, why?" Sav asks following us slightly.

"Just don't question her Sav" Spark says smiling. "Its how I get by, she may act childish and out of control but she still gets better grades then me"

"I Might Mouse" I say and Sav groans.

"Not the mouse topic again" she mutters returning to the big room.

"That got rid off her" I say triumphently. I vault Sparks head as we come out to a hiden alcove in the side of the school.

I turn and he pulls me into his arms leaning down while I go up on my tip toes. We kiss and I have to force myself to pull back.

"If only we could be on our own for the night" Spark whispers against my lips. I smile and kiss him again.

"I'm happy like this at the moment" I whisper. Then we continue to kiss.

The End

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