Savanna; hush now


"Faith?"I call gently. I could hear her sobbing in one of the cubicals as I entered the toilets.

"Go away!"She cried.

"Faith, come out, I can help you!"

The last cubical opened and a blotchy faced Faith appeared. She rushed to the sink to splash water over her red, tear-stained face.

I rubbed her back.

"Boys; why are they all so mean?"Sniffled Faith.

"I don't know, hon, but I do know, that Shadow isn't god enough for you!" I felt the anger bubble up inside me as I remembered the previous night.

"Really?"She asked with a hopeful look on her face.


"But who else? I love him, I feel drawn to him!"

"Ahhhh. Maybe he IS yours....."

"My soulmate?"Said Faith gleefully.

"Yep. In fact, I need you with me for this, to protect me from his visioms, we are going to convince him!"


We ran out of the loo's and she showed my where they were, he was with a different girl tonight! What the hell?

I linked arms with Faith and we walked up to them.

"Look, it's two lesbians!"Giggled this girl.

"Look, it's a slut!"I giggled, imitating the girls high girly voice.

God, what the hell? she thought.

"Gosh, I know, cool power....uhh... Emma, hair growing! You'd make a fab hairdresser! Isn't that most girl's like you s' ambition?"I simpered, Shadow glared at me, I smirked back, he was trying to make to see somethng, but I was touching Faith, so he couldn't.

"How do you know my power?!"

I tapped my temple, "mind reader, honey-bunch, now would you pu-LEASE run along? I have some very importat things to sort out." She didn't move, "NOW!"

She squealed and ran away.I looked at Shadow.

"Here," I declaired, pushing Faith towards him, "is your soulmate."

I grinned proudly, as soon as Faith touched him, his soul went golden. They were SO ment to be!

"Hahaaa!"I laughed proudly as Shadow wraped his arms around her without thinking.

How? Though Shadow.

"Olli's match-making skills are rubbing off on me!"I smiled, and skipped away feeling proud, I had to tell the others!



The End

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