Tear, tears and more tears


Jumping off my bed, I put my flip-flops on. Maybe I'll go stalk Shadow.

"Bye," I say to no one. Well done Faith, you're turning mad.

The wind blows my hair around as the sun sets slowly. I walk around the school grounds, looking for him. Then I reach the garden. A smile creeps onto my face when I remember that time Shadow and I sat there. Yes! He is there.

With a pretty girl.

They don't notice me, so I creep behind a bush and look through a small gap. His arm is around the girl, and they're chatting happily. I watch for another five minutes, every minute more and more convinced they are more than just friends. Then Shadow suddenly kisses her on the lips. Tears start running out of my eyes.

I start running away.

I run all the way back into school.

Then I meet Sav.

"Faith?" She asks, seeing my tear-stained face. "What's - "

I think she reads my mind. I ignore her shouts behind me. I escape to the female toilets. I lock myself into a cubicle. I sit down and weep.

The End

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