Olli: Shut it

I dealt with Faith's annoying noises for a while and then I couldn't take it no longer.

I touched her mind and force her mouth to close. She mumbles against it then everyone looks at me.

"What?" I shout. "It was annoying"

"Olli" Spark says raising an eye brow.

"Fine, I find Shadow someone I can torcher" I mumble to him then begins out the door he follows silently.

I turn to look at him skipping backwards knowing I won't hit anyone. "What do you thinks happened to Shadow..... wait, don't answer that I'll find out from him" I turn and walk out into the court yard.

Shadow leans against the wall smirking to himself. "Hey Shadow" I shout.

He looks at me and freezes. Spark carrys me closer to him knowing that if I take one step while I'm cosentrating I'll lose the connection and Shadow will run.

"Oh My God" I scream. I hit a wall and kick Shadow in the stomach. He gives of a big Whoof as his air comes out.

He lets go and I turn and kick him in the head. He falls to the floor.

"HOW DARE YOU?" I growl. "After all Sav's done to help you why would you want to hurt her. She didn't mean for the soul split and how can you act so blind when a soulmate for you waits patiently.

A crowd has begun to gather and Shadow stares at me shocked.

"You're just worthless" I spit. I grab Sparks hand and walk of allowing people to gossip as I leave. "We need to find Sav"

"Why?" Spark asks.

"Cause Shadow there just upset her" I hiss. "You fetch Thunder"

He nods then runs off while I follow Sav's human signature.

The End

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