Ugh. How very annoying. Does Faith normally practice vowels in one annoying note when she's bored? Coz I can't seem to remember it. She starts with 'Aaaahhhh' and switches to 'Eeeeeeee' when someone tells her to stop. Then Savanna storms in and starts whispering to Olli. They look at Faith a few times and she waves. Then she sighs really loudly (and annoyingly) and starts going 'Oooohhhh'. I throw both my pillows at her and then I sigh more loudly than she did and let my head slam against the part of the bed where the pillows used to be as I fall. I'm so bored. 

Isn't there anything to do around here? I think to no-one in particular. Everyone ignores me. I don't care. Then Faith starts going 'Aaaahhhh' again. So she obviously heard me and decided that listening to her vowels was something to do. Faith, do you know how so very annoying that is?

"Yep. Eeeeeeee..."

"Can I have my pillows back?" I say, but then I get them myself for something to do. But then I'm bored again. I consider joining in with the vowel howling but then decide against it. I roll off the bed and get my iPod out. I turn it on and play some random song really loudly. It's Bohemian Rhapsody. I wander if the others would like to hear it, and then decide that they probably wouldn't. Oh well. At least I cant hear the random vowels any more.

The End

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