Savanna: Storm's ahead.


I grabed a magazine from Olli's rather large collection. I stormed out side, Shadow was waiting for me. I walked straight past him, as if he wasn't there, he walked after me.

"Sav...."He began, I span around.

"You can't call me by my nick-name anymore." I snapped.

"Why?!"He gasped.

"Because your dead to me."It came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

"Why."He asked in a cold voice, it was emty.

"Because, you've changed, Shadow, and not for the good. You are worse than you were before you and I were soulmates. You are harsh and emty. I don't like the'new you'. I don't know how... but in your mind.... Something is bad, something is darkening.... like, your turning evil. But that's a bit far-fetched. And another thing.... Your popular How? Since when? Never mind now. I'm not friends with you anymore. So I don't want to know. Your mind is making me ill!"I explained in a steely voice, and it was true, his mind was making me feel dizzy and sick.

Before I could react, he looked really mean, grabbed my wrist, causing me to drop my magazine,  pulled me forward, then pushed me back with so much force I fell onto my back.

"What was that for?!"


"Yeah... Because why?...."

"Just 'coz."He smirked.

I rubbed my back as I got up, I was gonna get a bruise. I mumbled stuff about backing backs without knowing it, this made him look even more smug.

I looked into his mind to see why he did it, I nearly passed out, because wha I saw was so menacing and crude, it was discusting. He was imaginging me in a binkini and were 'kissing'.

"OHMIGOD!"I cried.

I ran as fast as I could to get away from him. I sa his illusion.

He was kissing me and I engoyed it. Meories came flooding abck about when we were toether, how his lips felt so sort and gentle, but then rough and not atall soft.

I screamed and ran away from him as fast as I could.

The End

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