Lying on my bed, I wonder what Shadow is doing. Strolling around the school? Library? My heart punches my rib cage as I imagine a picture of me and him together.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..........." I open my mouth and make any noise that comes out of it.

"Stop it, Faith."

"Okay. Eeeeeeeeeeeee............." I grin at myself, I am so sad.

Sitting up, I look for the person who told me to shut it. I see Lillie and Jay looking at each other intensely. What am I even doing here? Everyone has a soulmate but me. Sort of. Shadow doesn't have one. Sav stomps into the dorm, her face furious and her fists clenched tightly. She seems surprised to see us all here. She storms over to Olli and starts muttering really fast, I see them look over at me once or twice, so I wave at them. They just smile back nervously. I sigh loudly and return to my vowel howling, before getting hit by a few pillows.

I roll off my bed and feel the impact on my body as it hits the carpet.

"Owww" I say to myself. No one else cares anyway. Rubbing my arms, I return to bed. Aimless. And I stare at the ceiling.

The End

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