Love you!


"HATCH!" My scream travel down the corridor sending people looking at me with a "you're-weird" face. I catch his eyes and run towards him. Hugging him, we kiss, feeling eyes rolled at us.

"Get a room!" I hear someone exclaim. I giggle and feel Hatch's hand going through my hair.

"I've missed you so much."

"Me too." He kisses me lightly on the forehead, being tall as he is. I drag him into the big room from last year. I wink at Lillie, who's lying down with Jay on the bed next to ours.



"How's Tommy doing?" My head is on Jay's shoulder, and Jay's playing with my fingers.

"It's Tommita now," I reply, grinning.

"It is now, is it? Well, Tommy can be short for Tommita."

"She's doing pretty good, currently with the school vet. We're still trying to figure out who the father is."

Faith and Shadow walk through the door. Shadow carrying Faith's suitcase for her, but his face is clear. They're just friends.

The End

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