I Always Seem to be Late


The holidays were quick. Nothing much happened. Matthew has a new girlfriend. It's hard to be around them coz they're always snogging each other's faces off. Ugh. It was funny when I first introduced Isobel (the girlfriend in question) to my power. I think she's definitely more careful now. Matt doesn't seem to mind. He just thinks it's funny to annoy me. At this particular moment, we happen to be standing outside my school, Stay Connected. It's really dark coz mum decided to drive me the 150 miles here this term, instead of making me take the train. And we set off late. You'll never guess what Matt and Izz happen to be doing.

Puh-lease! We're in public. I think to Matt. He just laughs and kisses her harder. God. I cant even leave without being nauseated first. I think to them both. Izz grins but she pulls away. She sees my side of this more than Matt does.

"You don't have to go back Dess" Mum tells me. "I know you didn't want to go last term"

"Mum, I'm fine. I have friends now. Actual friends, who aren't scared of my voice" I say. She pulls me into a hug. I hug Matt and Izz too. Then I get my stuff and start towards school. I wave to them as the car drives away. They wave back. Well, at least mum waves. Seriously. I notice that it's really quiet as I walk down the path. The only sound is my flimsy pumps crunching on the gravel. When I get to the door, I check the time before knocking. Midnight. Well of coarse it's quiet everyone'll be asleep. I always seem to be late. I wander who else is here. Everyone else probably. Hello? I think into the empty reception waiting area.

"Hello Destiny. Just fill in this form and then go up. Most of the rooms are empty. It looks like most people are gonna be a day late" the woman at the desk says. Wow. She stays up this late? I fill in the form and go up. I guess I'm still in the form I was in last year, so I go up to them rooms. I hear people sleeping in the big room. I guess we're still sleeping here then. I open the door as gently as I can but it still creaks really loudly. I freeze, someone turns over but no-one wakes up. Phew. I dump my stuff next to a random bed and pull on my pyjamas and fall onto it. I'm asleep almost immediately.

The End

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