Catch up!


Thunder wraped his arms around me when I flew at him, I hugged him hard.

I missed you.

"I missed yo two, Thun!"I murmered into his ear. I kissed him on the cheek then went to tease Olli some more!

"Olli ans Spa-ark sitting n=in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, second comes SEX!! Then who knows what'll come next?"

"Hey, guys, guess what I got us all from Athens!"Declaired Olli. Spark and Thunder rolled their eyes.

"Oh no!"The Twins' said at the same time.

"I GOT US ALL TACKY PREZZIES!!!"She squealed. Most of us moaned.

"Oh yay! I can't hold in my excitememt!" Said Hatch sarcastically. I snickered. Others laughed.

Olli looked down on us primly.

"Well, I can't help it! They were all glittery and...."She broke off with a happy sigh, she darted to her bag and grabbed a paper bag and handed out fake, plastic tiara's. The boys jokes and did a fake fasion show. I laughed so hard I could have peed myself!

Once we had caught up with the going-on's we went to bed. I gave Thunder a goodnight kiss and waved him of.

Love you.

He thought. I felt the blood rush to my face. I slammed teh door and got into my nice single bed!

The End

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