"So what did you actually do for the holidays Olli?" Filla teases. I blush.

"I went to Athens with Spark and Thunder..... it was a shame you couldn't come Sav. Thunder really missed you and it was great"

"Yeah and what happened on that holiday?" Filla prods.

"I turned sixteen" I whisper.

"No way" Sav shouts reading my thoughts as they travel to that special nights.

"It's legal" I mutter blushing brighter.

"Hiy guy- Ah" I tackle Sparks and he has to step back to regain his balance. Everyone laughs.

"There picking on me" I squeal.

"Uh..... I don't think I have to ask the reason" Sparks says ruffling my hair.

"Cat's out of the bag" Thunder walks in and he winks at me.

"How do they all find out?" I murmur crushing my face into Sparks t-shirt.

"Thunder!" Sav shouts. And I thought I get excited around Spark to much...... although I do it all the time and Sav's excited now cause she hasn't seen him for two months.

The End

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