Stay Connected- Second Term

Please, dont join this collab unless you have read the first stay connected! Or at least read the first and last few chapters!!!!!


I can't wait to get to school! I can't wait to see Olli, Filla, Faith, The Twins, Spark, Hatch, Shadow but most of all Thunder. It's not been the same without him! He calls me and texts me and we go on webcam, but what I want is to actually see him, to hold him!

"MUM!!!"I yelled, just after my alarm-clock went of, "WERE SETTING OFF IN THREE HOURS TIME!!!"

"HUT THE HELL UP!!!"She screeched.

She and dad have been devorced. I looked into her mind to see when they were meeting next and it was at a resturant, so I asked my dad if he could take me there, then he found out,. I begged for me to stay with him, but mum made up lie's saying that he abused her, so dad's been forced to stay away from me now.


I've spent my whole morning packing. I packed sweets, crisps, clothes, books, pens,ect,ect.

"Were going now!"Mum called, she sounded excited, probably bacause she was finally getting rid of me!

"Yay!"I cried, picking up my three suitcases, I had two full of things and one spare one, because last year I had to have a spare suitcase!

I'm so excited, I was practially bouncing in my seat!!! Ican't wait to get back, and play in the gaming lounge, go into town, laugh and talk with my best friends! We drive through the dense country and FINALLY I can see a shape on the horizon.

Stay Connected!!! I gave a little yelp of happiness. Mum gave me a odd look but kept on driving, she did this quickly, determined to get rid of me faster! I don't care!

"C'mon! Drive faster!"I said impatiently. I was drumming my fingers on the door handle, ready to open it without a moments glance back! My other hand was clutching my three suitcases.

The car screeched to a halt, I jumped out the car with a quick mumbled goodbye and dragged my suit cases in, grinning at the secratary and then I ran up to my dorm, Filla, Olli, Faith and Shadow were already here.

"HI!!!"I squealed as I burst in. They all jumped to their feet, they were all very happy to see me. I knew that! Better than anyone! I hugged each of them in turn, Olli was tapping her foot, she was waiting for Spark! Awww, bless her, she loves him soooooo much!

I grinned and said, "second term,huh? And I'm still hanging out with you weirdo's!"

Everyone laughed at my joke. I was excited. And happy. I was finally where I belonged!

The End

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