Stay Connected

Stay Connected is a private school in the middle of the country side. AKA; nowhere land.
It's a school for 'different' kids, kids with a gift. A gift that is occuring more and more in childrens minds.
These kids are telepathic.

Savanna Hope

Mum says this new school will be good for me. She says it'll help me figure out my 'gift' better. as if! She is just sending me to a private boarding school so she can get me out of her head! She doesn't like me doing that. Seeing in to her mind. I saw things I shouldn't have seen. Like EG; She catting around with some guy behind Dads back for one and uh lets say, that shes spent a LOAD of money gambling.

She can't stand me. And I can stand her. So I think were even. I can't believe she's strung Dad along all this time.I've seen into his mind too; he loves her. Don't know why. If I were him, I would've left her LONG ago!

My people in my school say stuff behind my back like; "She lives in a real problem family!", "Did you know her Mums an alcohlic?" ect, ect. All of those things are true, but I mean, come on! They could at least talk bout me when I'm not in hearing range!Even my so called friends talk about me behind my backs. I know they do. And they always say; "AWWW, SAV! you can tell us anything!" But really they just want some secrets to gossip about. And when the teachers keep me in for my usual friday night detention, they always say stuff like; "Savanna? Really? are you having problems at home?" I just shake my head and just carry on glaring at the white board.Because I don't think; "Yeah Miss. I can se into other peoples minds and everyone talks about me behind my back, they also say rude things about me in their minds. My Mum hates me and shes cheating on my Dad. And she's gonna sent me off to some scientific school where they'll probably do freaky abnormal experiments on me." Would go down very well with the teacher.

I accidentally saw into my crushes mind in year 5(when no one talked about me), he was thinking; I wish she would notice me. I need her too, I love her! And of course, thiking he meant me. I walked up to him and said I loved him. He stared at me then burst out laughing and I've been the talk of the school ever scince. I've never really taken a liking to boys after that. I'm not a lesbian or anything. I just think boys are just selfish jerks! Who don't think about anything except, hot girls, food, sport and themselves.

And thats MY story so far. And now you know why I'm sat in the canteen on a table by the bin, where no one ever sits. Except me. This is a usual day for me. Sitting alone bacause my friends are to embarassed to sit with me. A teacher came in, spotted me and waddled over; it was Mrs Kriston.

"Uh ,Savanna, your mother is here to pick you up to take you home so you can uh, leave, and I um, wish you the best at your new school." Lucille(my 'friend') who sits on a table near n=mine siad, "your mving schools and you didn't tell us?!" She looked mockly offended, " bye then it was nice knowing you." Then some one else added; "Or not." Which caused a whole lot of people to snicker. I walked out with Mrs Kriston.

And sure enough my mother was waiting with a sour expression oon her face.

"good-bye, Mrs Hope!" The secratary called.

"Mum, why do I have to move schools again?" I whined.

"Becasue, you were obviously not happy here and this new school (she handed me the booklet) will sort out you little problem, plus, it will stop you troubling people with your 'skill'." She snapped.

As we got in the car I looked through the leaflet.

Stay Connected School for telepathic Children.

At stay connected we believe that the children wave a amazing girt, NOT  a disability. Here they can learn how to controll their talent and at the same time lead a normal life. As well as their appropriate mind lessons, they will have the normal subjs=ects such a Mathematics, English, Science, Drama, Music, RE , ect, ect. A trip into town will take place once a week. School uniform is not required as long as they wear suitible clothes.


The children will be expected to come with a veriaty of clothes EG; summer clothes, winter clothes, part clothes, sports wear, a veriety of suitible footwear and any other items they with to wear.


Each child is in a house form. There are three forms; Form Oakmoore, Form Roux and Form Addingtonn.

There will be five to a room, boys and girls will be seperated.

After reading that, I ffelt queasy. It sounded really strict. But I liked the sound of non-uniform.

Maybe this new school COULD work out for me, if people are like me.


The End

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