One Grieving Friend Prays for Another

"I pray that out of His glorious riches [God] may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your innermost being...."
Apostle Paul, letter to the Church in Ephesus

One Grieving Friend Prays for Another
written for C

Strange creatures are we, sanctified sufferers,
oft' choked by questions, wrapped in grace,
brimming with love and hate and confusion
and a Spirit sometimes silent. Equally broken,

I bow in prayer for your sake, my knees
scrubbing the concrete and my hands colliding
with my scalp to run restlessly through
my hair. I intercede on your behalf,

at times with words, at other times with tears
that I know He interprets as the prayers
they are. I pray that you find the answers
you're meant to have; I pray you don't find

other answers if the search would bring
you still closer to God. I pray He fills
your soul with so much peace that you have
no choice but to stand up and sing of Love.

This prayer I whisper in faith, for He
has brought us too far to let us drift now.

The End

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