This looks like it's going to be a fanfic.

Just seeing what happens if I start with a fresh page. You're welcome to add to it!

A droplet of wax shivered on the edge of Lea's candle as she wrote, the sky lightening slowly outside the window. Her quill sped across the parchment, blots of ink appearing in her haste to finish before dawn. It had been a long night, but given the situation, things could be a lot worse. Her brother was out there somewhere, she knew that much. He was alive, and that gave her hope that the hours she spent at the windowsill writing by candlelight were not wasted. Someday, an owl was going to soar through that window carrying the reply she was waiting for. What it would say, she didn't know; two words would be enough to let her sleep soundly for the first time in months: He's okay.

Signing her letter with a flourish, Lea stood up and stretched, squinting against the light of the rising sun. The village was already stirring with the first signs of life, witches and wizards poking their heads out of their doors to check that all was well, that the world had not been turned upside down overnight. Lea knew that if anything big had happened, she'd have heard about it by now; it was a perk of being the niece of one of the most influential figures in the wizarding world. Grendal Rowntree would be one of the first to know about any new developments, and Lea had perfected the art of eavesdropping at his office door with the aid of some Extendable Ears. She had known about Dmitrei Borislav's declaration of war before anyone else, about Borislav's acquisition of a very powerful magical object before the Minister of Magic himself had been notified, and about the kidnapping of her own brother before even Grendal Rowntree, because Borislav had told her himself. 

The End

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