Splitting Headache

"Hey kid! Wake up!" A voice called. I opened my eyes slowly. Ouch. My head hurt.

"Are you okay?" The voice asked again. I finally focused on the face of a girl. Suns, she was pretty. Realizing she wanted an answerI did a quick check, no bones broken, no pain anywhere,'cept this headache. I nodded. Ouch.

"Can you stand up." The girl asked. I nodded again. Ouch. I needed to stop nodding.

We both stood, me just a little shaky.

"Whats your name?" I asked

"Angelica, yours?"

"I'm Alex." I looked around. Crater. Now my headache made sense. "Did anyone else see that?"

"See what?"

"Did anyone see me fall?!" That would be so embarrassing. "Where are we anyway?"

"Most people can see shooting stars for miles." Angelica replied. "We're just outside New York City." 

New York City. Wow. I'd seen it, but now I'd get a chance to experience it first hand. The bustle, the traffic, the noise, the smells. "Wow." I said out loud. "Can we get closer?"

"Um, I guess. My house is over there." She pointed. I started walking, then stopped. I spun quickly, ouch my head, and looked. There it was, the thing that knocked me down. I picked it up and shoved it in my pocket.

"Come on." I said to Angelica. "You need to show me how to get there." She shrugged a bit to herself, as if to say 'might as well humor the strange boy' and took the lead.

The End

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