another one of my word exercises. lost inspiration after i had to spend about 3 minutes looking up what the actual term for a "roly poly" was.

she sat, her chin cuppedin her hand and her eyes toward the sky. her feet dangled over the edge of the cliff, swinging innocently like those of little girls' on swings. this was her favourite place to be at night when the summer was hot and humid. she loved the way the grass tickled his short-clad legs, kissing her skin with gentle whispers as they swayed in the wind. she loved how the ants and woodlice would crawl up on her thighs to say hello to their new visitor. she was at peace here, amongst nature. the navy sky was starlit, speckled with tiny white dots to whom she often talked too and considered her friends. they were her only friends in this strange, grand world, and she loved them.

The End

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