Time to think


I walk slowly to school.

Okay maybe I shouldn't be walking seeing as who I am and all that but I didn't want to drive with Falcon.

I need time to think and this is the best way. Then I see whats up ahead and groan. Another group of people hating royalty and guess what I'm the target. I tranport next to the bag pick it up mutter a spell under my breath and tear. The group stare shocked.

I see Todd amond the crowd and glare at him. "Next time, try a more subtle approach" I say through my teeth.

Then I bring my fist up hitting the face of the guy trying to sneak up on me. Then a sharp thrust of the elbow. The punch to the jaw.

Three quick movements and the man crumples to the floor. "And with me all you have to do is ask" I say.

Then I begin to head off. I stop and sigh. I turn kicking a man in the guts. It's Todd's father.

"I'm not to blame for my ancestors mistakes" I kneel down next to him. He's clutching his stomach.

"I wouldn't do that" I say to a women approaching me. She freezes when I speak the words. I then address Todd's father.

"Too much pain your family have suffered.... Here" I say pulling of my necklace. "Night Diamond"

I get up then walk away leaving a shocked crowd behind. Night Diamond is one of the two most rare gems ever found. I have two of each of those.

Todd run's after me. "Why did you do that?" he asks.

I smile at him.

"Don't judge people by there title. Judge them by there heart and actions" I say. Then I run off leaving him behind.

That was a great way to start the morning.

The End

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