Heading to an empty apartment building


" Sorry I've got things to do today. Perhaps tommorow though."  Gaby tells me just before the bell rings.

" Oh okay cool see you tommorow morning then." I reply then walk out of school.

Now what? I ask myelf. The answer was crystal clear though, I should be looking for my brother but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find anything here. The next thing on my list was to fix up my empty apartment down town.  I think of the apartment building fire escape stair well , and softly transport there , not feeling a thing. Luckily for me no one was there to see me appear there, that would be an issue.

I open the room too find a rather well lighed hard wood floored apartment with a decent kitchen to boot.  The furniture was newly purchased , and still had plastic covering on it. Yep I thought myself pretty spoiled. I did a few hours of organizing and taking the plastic covers off everything , and made myself some home seasoned chickenwhings with rice , and steamed vegetables Before I went to bed but everthing took longer than it should have because I had my mind on Gaby, but at the same time felt guilty I wasn't thinking of my brother.  I tried reading a book to help me get to sleep. It didn't work cause my mind kept leaving to think about Gaby.

The End

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