The ride home was actually silent. Raya sat in the back listening to her ipod while I sat in the front with Falcon.

He learned to drive years ago and was always careful. He used future sight in one eye also which made sure he didn't hit no one.

"So, how was the first half of school?" Falcon asks, he tilts his head to look at me. "Sorry, I wasn't there errands from your father"

"Terrible... well some people were nice but just because who I was" I say resting back and looking out the window.

We pull up to the fairly new block of flats. I know it seems strange but we actually live among the human world. I mean we have to share this planet.

I get out before anyone even begins to. I then rush up the path and pull out my keys unlocking the door..... then I wait.

"What is it with you and zooming to the door?" Raya says coming up shaking her head. I shrug then walk inside both of them coming in after me.

We go up the steps. There are two floors here. Two flats on ground floor and one large flat on the upper floor.

That's our flat. Four bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space.

"Whose cooking?" Raya asks as we enter the flat straight into the living space. She falls on to the sofa and I make my way to the kitchen.

"Me" I say smiling.

"Yeah" Raya celebrates. "We have a good cook"

"You saying I can't cook?" Falcon asks.

"No, I'm saying I can't cook...... well not as good as you guys anyway" Raya explains.

I go into the kitchen and get out my apron tying it round my waist. I hear Raya's door close (Slam) and then I hear the sound of footsteps. I look at Falcon whose watching me from the doorway.

I stop chopping. "What?" I ask.

"Nothing" he says shrugging then coming in. "I'll help"

He takes a vegetable and begins chopping, not sure which I'm not paying attention.

"We're having spaggetti bolagnaise" I say looking at his face calmly.

He looks up are eyes catching. Then he leans it quickly pressing his lips on mine. I push him.

"Cheeky" I say. He laughs and I can't help but join in. We stop the chopping and just laugh.

I grab the front of his t-shirt and kiss him, Softly at first then stronger.

The End

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