Copy- cat


"You just need to relax a bit more, Its never going to work if your so tense." Gaby instructs me. I felt embarrased it was a simple spell, and I could learn it much faster another way. I looked at Gaby she was slightly pink.

" Hey can you cast that spell just one more time?" I ask.

" Sure."

I allow some magic flow through to my eyes they begin to glow lightly , and for the duration of Gaby casting the spell the are a same blue colour. When she is done my eyes return to normal. I had just had copied the way magic fluctuated through the body , and memerised the spell without taking the time to learn it. In my opinion a cheat , I just didn't like looking like an idiot in fron of Gaby anymore. She turned back to me.

" Okay you do it."

"alright." I say then easily cast the spell.

" See easy, isn't it?"  Gaby says happily.

I felt guilty, I could have learned the simple spell the normal way instead of cheating, but I guess it really wasn't described as cheating. The headmaster said it was allright in the letter.

" Yeah it is." I shrug the clock was indicating class was nearly over. Maybe it was bit  quick to ask but I had nothing better to do after school," What you doing after school? I'm sorta stuck on my own for a bit."

The End

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