Back to school


Lesson finish and Raya got skating backwards really easily. She was always a natural with nature magic.

I get to land and remove the compressed air from the bottom of my shoes. Everyone goes over to stand in front of Falcon and the teacher.

"From now on, I will only be a helper at the school. I'm here by request of her Magesty Queen Sapphire and his Magesty King Markus" he says his eyes flick to me for a sec.

I here one persons thoughts strongly. Predictable, a guard for the little princess. Todd's thoughts are hard and a bit disapointing.

Great, so his thoughts on royalty hasn't changed much. At least it wasn't directed directly at me. But still.......

"We'll use veil transport which Miss here will create" Falcon continues gesturing the teacher.

She turns and puts out her hands palms up. Then the veil appears. She turns back stepping aside.

"Everyone through and off home" she says. Everyone crowds through and I wait behind paitently.

Falcon comes up. "Ready to go home you two?" he asks.

"If you call the flat we share with you home... yeah" Raya says, shrugging at the end.

I smile at her and she winks. "We should go" she says heading off.

I begin after her but Falcon takes my wrist tranmitting thoughts straight to my head. She knows doesn't she.

I nod looking back at him. "Happy now?" I ask. He shakes his head then pulls me to him not think about the people around us.

"You should know better, May. I may be a jerk sometimes but your happiness comes first in my opinion, even if it wasn't my duty" he whispers. "Even if you weren't the princess"

He lets go then moves off leaving me stunded.

"He's a keeper that one"

I turn and look at Raivyn. She smiles smugly and I nod. She nods then walks off. I see Raya waiting Falcon at the veil.

I run up to Raya. "God, you have it bad for each other" Raya laughs shaking her head. I push her and can't help but start laughing.

Then I look at Falcon. He smiles slightly so I smile back looking away embarassed when Raya laughs again.

"Alright, time to go" I say and we make our way to the veil where we come out into the car park off the school.

Everyone is making there way off. "Time to go home" Raya says smiling. I nod and look back.

"You driving Falcon?" I ask.

"Of course" he says heading for a black mercedes.

"Never stops surprising" Raya says shaking her head then we head for the car.

The End

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