Afternoon Lessons


I walked down the corridor again with Phill.  Our arms brushed against each other as we moved.

'So have you seen her?'

'Sorry?'  He seemed to have been in his own little world but looked at me when he realised I'd been talking to him.

'The princess, have you seen her?'

'Yeah she was in my class last lesson.'

'And... what's she like?'  He shrugged his shoulders.

'I don't really know but she can sure hold her own in a yelling match.'  That made me smile.  Maybe having the princess here could be fun.

I settled down in my seat next to Phill and the lesson began.  I didn't find it as interesting as I normally did.  The spell we were being taught was one I already knew so it didn't take me long to finish practising.  Phill however wasn't quite as practised.

'You need to relax a bit, it's never going to work if you're so tense.'  I smiled at him and his shoulders relaxed.  I could feel my cheeks flushing for some unknown reason.  I never blushed in front of guys, I was normally the confident one. 

The End

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