Lunch continued


I really thought Gaby was beautiful, and I thought was extremely nice to let me stay with her even though her friends didn't seem to approve at all.  As her friend Jay and I find a table she gives me more disapproving looks. I wanted to say something along the lines if you really don't like my presence here then say it out loud. Well something like that with a few insults but thought the better of it. Gaby and her freind finally walk over , and meals appear before our eyes.  It wasn't anything to immpressive though. 

" What class do you have next?" I find myself asking

" Spells , and enchantments, my favourite class." She says happily.

To me it sounded like charms, well then agian I was taugh quite unconventionally , by skilled wizards. Another thing I somwhat regretted was my parents spoiling me.  I quickly checked my times table , for spells , and enchantments. There it was , with a defensive uses of magic behind it. I felt kinda like a stalker saying , " Same here."

" Thats cool, you should sit with us in that class."  Gaby says

Her friends roll their eyes.

" Okay." I say happily.

I was begining to forget everything outside of this world, when I saw a picture of my brother on a newspaper.  I shortly returned to a previouse state of being an outsider in this school. I really should be out there looking for him. I think to my self.

" Hey Phill the bell rang." Gaby waves her hands in front of me. I was being drawn back into this state of being , and even though I felt guilty about not helping finding my brother , but this isn't as bad as I first thought it was.

" Oh , sorry was just thinking." I say getting up quickly to walk beside her. 

I didn't think she minded my company. Even if her friends hated having me around.

The End

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