OK that one wasn't my fault!


I'm walking along a corridor talking enthusiastically to Jay and Lily when suddenly someone hits me and both our stuff goes flying.

'Sorry.'  Mismatched eyes meet mine as we gather our stuff from the floor.  'Name's Phill.  What's yours?'

'Gaby.'  I smile at him even though I can feel Lily and Jay getting tense behind me.  I haven't exactly had a good reputation with guys in the past.  They've either been bad boys who were far more reckless than me or goodytwoshoes' who have just bored me to tears.

'It looks like my friends have abandoned me.'  He looked around as if he were searching for them before looking back at me.  'Mind if I join you guys?'

'Not at all.'  I jump in before Lily or Jay can say no.

'Great.'  He walks next to me as we head to the lunch hall.  'So what class are you in?'  He's making an effort, that must be a good sign.

'I've just come out of potions.'  I didn't mind those classes, Mr Kerrs was a good teacher but my favourite lesson was spells and enchantments.

'I'm sixteen.'  Only just, my birthday had only been last week.

'Cool me too.'  We split up when we got to the luch hall and Jay went with Phill to find a table.

'Watch yourself Gaby.  You know what happened last time.'  Lily was turning into my mother.

'If you are talking about the incident with the advanced spells then that was nothing to do with me.'

'You know what I mean.  You haven't exactly been good at judging guys beforehand have you.'  She was right, but this time it felt different.

The End

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