I turn on Falcon who smiles at me. "Hey" he says, then he addresses the teacher. "Sorry, I'm late I got hold up"

He pulls out an evelope and walks over to Raivyn. "Here, your dad sent this" he says shrugging. "He was wondering if you would attend dinner to night"

Raivyn scoffs but takes it and I hear her murmur "Suitors".

Ahh, thats right. Dad said he's trying to find her a suitor but they all seem to come out....... 'accidentally' ingured.

Falcon walks back to me and picks me up by the waist. Which I hate.

Falcons way to tall for his age which is 19 years old.

"Put me down" I yell as he walk to the front. "Right, first one to lake Creek wins first points. I'm sorry to say but her highness will be staying out"

Everyone seems shocked at his attitude. But I'm use to it as is Raya whose trying not to laugh.

Everyone is inside. Raya, Todd and Raivyn the most. But Raivyn seems more shocked.

I fold my arms and look up at Falcon. "I hate you" I hiss.

"No you don't" he whispers in my ear. "Right, go"

Everyone takes a final glance then runs off. The teacher follows shouting something like "Be careful".

Falcon puts me down when everyone's gone. He turns me round and smiles before putting his lips down on mine.

Our little secret. Well, I think Raya knows slightly and its not like this would be bad.

It would actually be a good thing in both my mothers and fathers eyes. My arms are wrapped round his neck and he pulls back slightly smiling.

"Hmm, Maybe sending you to school was a good idea you seem more...... I don't know just different" he says shrugging. I look at the floor.

"Oh well, I still want out everyone's...... well everyone seeing me for my title like always" I mumble. He tilts up my chin.

"Don't worry about it May..... In fact I still want you to tell Raya whats going on between.... us" he says looking sad now. I sigh looking away.... and pulling away.

"We better get to the lake" I mutter then turning on my heels I head in the direction of the lake.

Even though it would be seen as a good thing doesn't mean I ain't scared of finally admitting it out loud.

The End

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