Time for Outdoor class.... with a twist


"Okay, class. I have a treat for everyone today curtesy of her highnesses Watcher Falcon" the teacher says walking in smiling.

"Curse you Falcon" I hiss under my breath. But of course Raya hears me.

"Yeah, thought you worked out he was a do-what-I-want guy years ago" She says smirking at me.

I shake my head and she laughs.

"We will be travelling out to Evervine Forest" ther teacher continues.

"Oh great" I mumble.

"We will be going for the last two periods. So pack up your stuff and store it over there" She says.

I stuff my pencil case back in my back and drop it off with everyone elses.

"We are going to use a teleportation spell. Don't worry if any of you fail I will come back for you"

She teachers us the basics. Consentration and the fact you have to channel all the energy through the body then below you like a hole pulling you through.

Everyone gets it a few off course but all in the right area.

Everyone beside Me, Raya, Raivyn and the teacher hit the ground hard. Some just stumble which is quite good and shows it not there first time.

The rest....... kplonk! Both me and Raya go 'ohhh' when a boy transports himself straight into a tree.

Luckily he seems capable with healing spells and as I hear his thoughts it shows me he always ends up falling over and hurting himself badly with other types of spells.

"Right..... we'll just wait for Falcon he will be showing us around then joining us back to school" The teacher says once everyone's standing in front of her.

I groan and everyone looks at me which is annoying.

"Boo" someone suddenly shouts and I jump. I hear someone laugh and know from thought patterns its Todd.

The End

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