The bell went off and I lifted the sound spell and we all went for lunch. Freaking fantastic now its going to be constant noise , and gossiping plus boring little power struggles.  What a waste of time , this was supposed to protective, I could protect myself. I think to myself as I struggle to go against a crowd of students. As I walked up the stairs a kid who was in a hurry barreld into me sending both of us crashing to the bottom of the stairs. The kid got off and ran without saying sorry.  As I got up I accidentally knocked a girl over and all of her stuff. I wish I could just teleport through this crowd but there is to many distractions.

" Sorry." I say as I help gather her stuff off the floor, " Names Phill, Whats yours?"

" Gaby."

Her freinds looked somewhat unimpressed with me like I had done this on purpose. Well I guess it is what guys tend to do.

The End

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