After the teacher left from what could have been a satisifying lesson.  Someone begun to call down the princess , the person who was doing so I gathered was powerful inside the school. Instantly I began to feel that my opinions on schools where correct this definetly was a power struggle.

" Why you annoying the teacher?" the popular one  said to the starlight princess.

I began to gather my things school was so boring when everything is based by two groups struggling for popularity, and power.  The  two went from talking and escellate to being the center of attention and really annoying. I just about had enough.

" Oh for the love of magic shutup!" I find myself shouting over the two voices.

I see them both look into my direction before either one opens there mouths I cast a sound spell. Now no one was able to talk in this room.

" Thats much better!"  I think to myself then sit back down.

The End

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