I only had to slightly consetrate to create a charm. I mean come on.... easy.

Well, not for everyone. I do suppose I'm about 2 years ahead.

I levitate the ingrediants then with a flick of both hands they collide together. I turn to Raya.

"High five" I say and we slap hands.

"Cheating but still" she shrugged and I laughed happy. I mean me and Raya have been friends since we were four. Along with Falcon who was seven at the time.

Falcon's sort of my bodyguard/guardian/best friend.

He's known me my whole life.

"Right class. We will be making armour charms"

"What?!?" I exclaim.

"Something wrong your highness" The teacher looks at me with spite.

"Oh no, nothing" I stutter leaning back. The teacher nods then continues about the history of protection charms.

"What is it?" Raya whispers.

"Armour charms are the highest level protection charms. No one in here will be able to make them" I whisper.

"Not even you?" she asks shocked.

"I could create one that would last a minute but that would be it..... Armour charms take years to perfect" I whisper.

"Then why is the teacher assigning us such a task?"

"Cause he's wants me to fail" I whisper. "He's doing it so he can show that he can do something I can't..... I'm going to sort this"

I put my hand up.

"Yes.... your highness" the teachers says through his teeth.

"I was wondering..... have you permission to make these charms. You do understand they are level 12's and have to have confirmation from a royal court. If you are going to create such a high number" I say calmly.

The teacher stutters. "I... I..."

"Didn't think so" I say smiling. "And I would prefer it if you didn't try and make an enemy of me sir"

Everyone stares shocked with amusement.

"You can't change the lesson plans" he says standing straight.

"Well you can't go against laws decreed by royalty and the people. This law was passed by Michael Godworth.... you should know of him he was the most powerful charmer of all time" I say knowing it will hit a nerve.

"Just because you're royalty does not mean you can make me obey you in MY lessons" the teacher shouts.

I hear a sharp intake of breath. "I'm not ordering you.... I'm just saying if you continue with this you will be scenteced for about 2 years in prison" I say.

Then he marches out of the room furious. Anger boiling around him. I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

"Are you okay?" I look up to see Todd.

"I'm fine" I smile. "Just I hate having to do stuff like that..... I don't want to turn out like either my mother or father"

Raya pats my back trying to cheer me up. Like it will work now. We're gonna have a surpply and that will be even worse cause I don't know what to expect.

The End

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