Close Friend


"Raya" I exclaim shocked. She smiles and I give her a hug.

"Nice to see you too Maylee" she says pushing me back.

"Sorry" I say. "Oh, this is Todd" I say gesturing him next to me.

Then the bell goes. I jump up and Raya's right behind me.

"Todd hates royallty" I hiss in her ear.

"Well, are you suprised. Your Mum and Dad aren't exactly perfect leader material. Your Dad wants world domination and your Mum's as silent as the clouds" Raya says shaking her head.

"I know" I sigh. "I don't want to be the next was up"

"I understand Maylee but you have to get over the bumps to reach the finish of the race" Raya says.

"Oh no. Where did you get that one from?" I moan. I know exactly where.

"Falcon, he made me promise to use one" Raya says shaking her head.

We make our way into the hallway. I turn back to look at Todd who's with his friends.... discussing my arrival.

Actually more of debating it. Doesn't he understand most people are elected to power.... or assigned by the ruler.

But thats not the point. We do have a people elected side of the council in both sides.

I sigh once again and look at the floor. "Maylee" Raya nudges me with her elbow. "You can't please everybody"

I look at her and smile. "I know but-"

"No, but's we're at a school you are here to learn. Normal life Maylee" she insists.

"My life will never be normal" I mutter.

The End

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